Released September 16, 2013

Recorded and produced by LISERSTILLE at Tallman Studio and Cube of Eternal Doom Studio, Aarhus DK
Mixed & Mastered by Anders Ruby

Three stages into the void

Danish rock orchestra LISERSTILLE is ready with their fifth release, which confronts the band’s traditions and systems and invites new ears to join in on a contrasting world of optimism and consequence.

On September 16th new music will be issued from Denmark’s quasi-royal kings of progressive rock and modern epic.
To counteract the fact that people spend less & less time on more & more, LISERSTILLE has faced the challenge, determined to compress the band’s bombastic dimensions into a less time consuming design. The mini album that shall carry the name ‘Flight of Belljár’ transgresses the compilation-design of the regular EP and becomes one piece intertwined.

Apocalyptic face-off in exploration and tradition
“Flight of Belljár covers three stages in three distinct stories. Initially we are thrust into few seconds before the total obliteration of The Earth, hence follows the story of what led us into the void and ultimately a hymn is sung from an empty Earth, where no human live, concluding the phase,” lead singer Martin Byrial explains, and continues:
“The depiction of these three stages has been essential in the intern debates in the band and it disembarks as a natural extension of our earlier works, while striving to describe the consequences of the Human race and its doings on the world.”

Concerning structure and musical arrangements LISERSTILLE has succeeded through Flight of Belljár, in diffusing the bands members away from their habitual roles. Instruments are exchanged, and the result shows that the huge tension and release, always stated as the bands greatest strengths, is furthermore emphasized though a natural insecurity walking unknown territory. Then, when the musicians finally intake their signature positions, the release is enhanced far more than ever. Experienced so much stronger.

Stimulus to new ears
As with the previous release NOUS (2012), Flight of Belljár has been produced and recorded in LISERSTILLE’s own studio by the band itself. This time with an even stronger focus on refining the recorded sound of every melody featured on the mini album, in order to give as much stimulus to the ears listening as possible.

“With ‘Flight of Belljár’ our goal is to break down every possible prejudices about our music as being complicated and for the few. We believe that a lot of new ears will understand the meaning if the sound actually reaches them. We will work as hard as possible for the human body to achieve this!” says guitarist Tue Schmidt Rasmussen.








Lyncher’s Aim

Speed thee, Old Angel
Come follow me down into death
And don’t fake a false remembrance
‘cause I feel closing in on a lie

Fortune brought you nowhere
from this state of denial
all lost in states ablaze in fury

Sleep earth child
your go at ´live and die´ has past you
and the claim of survival
where the frantic suffice

Fame fought wars to fake you
from the shade into fire
from course to course
where they applaud the fury

Conceiver Theme Believe Us

We set out to plan for the war
returning descending to heaven
Play us a song as we go
Rewrite the rimes of mercy
Recall the poor
the misled, deranged and pretentious
for they’re not afraid any more
wrought by the crafts of the perfect
plot to deprive you the pain
when strangers are something to cry for
And faith may return to the law
heartbeats away from your monster.
Stall them! I paid my commission
and there´s nothing I can´t pay for!
We set out to aim for the core
Hold us to blame when the earth quakes
Halos are retrieved at the door
tailored to blaze when the faith fails…
…to stall them! I did my own circumcision

and it’s nothing I got paid for!
State your name!
Blissful and Powerless
alone for the profit of it
Nothing can shake the veil
that bled from the thighs
of the monetary whore
who conceived you!

Awake the nameless dead,
born through the eyes of the border loving cynic
The crossword is a covenant
for the bliss fall of the unfortunate
but there’s no way to escape the game.


The Prism Arch

Names, future names
cross the fame and follow me
follow willingly
Find that strange design to please
We’ll search for the lover’s fire
and the strange design to desire
and we’ll send you on your way
with the rainbow man and his treasury;
the forgery of empty hands.

We dress for souls unchained
in a frail design of change
arranged in every way to keep us
through the news of me opposed to you
all across the world.

Born into truth we would play below the rainbow,
impressing her to no avail
Hence came hypocrisy,
Allah and Torah
We’ve destroyed a planet
wanting to want her
Set ablaze the occasionally crazed,
mazed out, unamazed planet
Be the one to call the reaper to the earth
Build land by law
Make mad men make money
When crosses mirror crosses in the skylines
set ablaze across the world.


Lyncher’s Aim

Martin Byrial: Lead vocals, Keys, Organs

Tue Schmidt Rasmussen: Guitars

Asbjørn Helboe: Bass, Ewi, Saxophone

Jon Gotlev: Drums, 2nd vocals


Conceiver Theme Believe Us

Martin Byrial: Lead vocals, Keys, Synth

Tue Schmidt Rasmussen: Guitars, Synth

Asbjørn Helboe: Bass, Ewi

Jon Gotlev: Drums, Sound FX


The Prism Arch

Martin Byrial: Lead vocals, Organs

Tue Schmidt Rasmussen: Guitars

Asbjørn Helboe: Rhodes

Jon Gotlev: Drums, Sound FX

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