Released May 24, 2015
Recorded and produced by LISERSTILLE at Tallman Studio and Cube of Eternal Doom Studio, Aarhus DK
Mixed by Randall Dunn in Avast! Studio B, Seattle WA
Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service
Released by G-Records/Rough Trade & Enough Said Music

April 24th 2015 progressive rock band LISERSTILLE releases a new full length, wide format album. ‘Empirical Ghost’ is mixed in Seattle by producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Steve Von Till) and is released digitally and as luxurious double white vinyl by German G-Records/Rough Trade. The four gents’ desires for modern epic are intact, but the album presents a structurally and sonically new world. Mr. Dunn’s unmerciful priorities create a sparkling red thread that underlines why LISERSTILLE is Denmark’s most incomparable rock band.






We’re in the trench of a revolution
with a strange colour of confusion trance
and the seeping voice of the boy choir
scouting out all the wrong ways to enjoy her

A name, she wanted a name
She don’t wanna feel strange

All the hollowtics and their trampoline suits
gagging out the sense of it
and all the hipster tricks
caused the hypocrites
to endure her

Laid, you wanna get laid
You wanted to stay tranquil

Gold Future
See the believer
he´s on the screen again
shooting his show-gun
at the ghost

They found another
kind of sapien
and they’re no friends
of your friends

And so
the curve ball broke
the cannon voice spoke
and everybody change

Locks change, not keys
on Show-gun St.

The gold future
how it suits your wrist as you hover

A gold future
We’re sorry that we lied

And the cold face
Who can withstand
such a prophets profit?

You wanted a stranger
you’ve got it

New terms for your kind apply
and you’ll never survive

I guess we’re lost
I guess we lost it

Hymn to the Past

Wall Mark
There’s an empty tray
on a fire escape
That could be a place to hang your keys
I’ve got a name by the way

There’s a wall

There is no wall

This Wonderful You
I came here to talk
but I’m not an amazer
I wanted to blaze through to
this wonderful you

I wanted to preach
but I don’t know the reason
I’m longing to tell you the truth to
this wonderful view

I wanted to fly
but I’m scared of the ravens
I wanted to feel your contrail in my eyes

And as you pray
we starve the angel
you want it but you can’t contain it
And you’re running around
for your place on the page

The world loves a runner
but you cannot win the race

I wanted to die
but I’m not an eraser
I wanted to see if there’s truth to
that wonderful view

Are you mocking me slave
´cause I’m not an equation
the tax in evasion
or what ever drew you
from this wonderful you?
This wonderful you

The none-the-less gag you
with a bridge into heaven
Maybe you’re sad
maybe you’re just sad today
Give it a go
but don’t bother
your strange stranger

The red is on
and they fire into the ranks
outside the secret room
We drank from the cube
and he saw dreamers
under the trance of believers
and outside in the death light
he awaits his eyes
and we fly
between the thighs of
72 culture girls
And we’ll see to it
that he’s buried right
alongside his wife
the mistress on the wall

The red is on
And we fire from the sky
We dance, then we die
Trialing the cube in the plane
And outside in the death light
he claims his eyes
And we fly
between the thighs of
72 culture boys
And we’ll see to it
that we’re buried right
alongside his lies
the misfits on the wall

Hymn To The Sorrow Squad

Harlequins’s Tale
We’re running down the Harlequin’s tale of the Other
A heaven all secure for the sane
Coming out a death wish on a high on frightened mothers
Speed your pace we walk again

With a secret from a silent age
With a mirror for the free
On the black cat in the fire
Like a voice from the secret empire

On the secret of the silent face
For the stranger in the dead
For the menace and the free
For the solace and the pain
through the voice of the secret empire

Forcing us to renovate it
when the child is no longer sane

And so we found the sorrow squad
We drew the air and the rumor went out
on the Harlequin’s bane

The secret in your silent eyes
joined the rail and took flight
The broken wind
stayed out the cold
You’ll never grow old
You’ll never grow old


Hymn To The Echo

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